How do crypto whales make money

What Is a Crypto Whale And How To Discover Them

When I started crypto trading some years ago, the first thing I heard other traders talk about was whales.

At first, I thought it was the giant fish you find in the ocean, but I was wrong.

The term “whale” is very popular in the crypto world. Traders often consider whale movements before taking a trade.

In this article, I will share what a crypto whale is and why they matter.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

What Is A Crypto Whale?

What Is A Crypto Whale

A crypto whale is an individual or institution that has substantially large holdings of a cryptocurrency within their digital wallets.

These whales aren’t novice investors; they often amass significant holdings of a cryptocurrency based on credible information.

Whales are also called smart money, and they are a group of people who can predict the direction of the market before others become aware.

The sheer size of whale holdings grants them a unique position in the crypto ecosystem,

enabling them to move markets and significantly affect prices; hence, most traders tend to keep an eye on whale movements.

Institutional vs. Individual Whales

In the vast ocean of cryptocurrency, whales come in various sizes and types, but they can be categorized into two groups: institutional and individual whales.

Institutional whales are typically large organizations, such as hedge funds, investment firms, or corporations, that hold massive amounts of cryptocurrency.

Their trades are often strategic and planned, and due to the sheer volume of their transactions, they can significantly impact the market.

On the other hand, individual whales are affluent persons who have amassed substantial crypto holdings.

Unlike their institutional counterparts, these whales may act more unpredictably,

And their trades can be driven by a broader range of motives, from personal beliefs to speculative gains.

Who Can Be Classified As A Whale?

Not everyone can be classified as a whale.

Crypto whales often try to keep their identities and transactions hidden to manipulate the markets undetected.

Different cryptocurrencies have different values in order to be classified as whales; the table below illustrates the presence of whales in various cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Estimated Whale Holdings

Bitcoin (BTC) 1,000 – 5,000 BTC

Ethereum (ETH) 10,000 – 100,000 ETH

Ripple (XRP) 1,000,000 – 10,000,000 XRP

Why Do Crypto Whales Matter?

The large holdings of crypto whales can have a significant effect on the market dynamics of a cryptocurrency.

A whale depositing a large holding of a cryptocurrency on an exchange is often not a good sign.

Similarly, when a whale moves large holdings from an exchange into a private wallet, it signifies they are not ready to sell and might be expecting the price to rise soon.

How Whales Manipulate The Crypto Markets

How much is considered a crypto whale

Cryptocurrency whales exert a significant influence on the market dynamics.

Their large holdings allow them to create intense buying or selling pressure, which can significantly affect price.

Whales can create a decisive shift in market sentiments by creating artificial buying or selling pressure.

Understanding how crypto whales manipulate prices is crucial for making informed trading decisions.

For instance, whales can trigger a sell-off on a cryptocurrency to cause panic in the market,

After which, the whales will buy back, making the cryptocurrency recover and go higher, leaving panic sellers behind,

Often, panic sellers jump back into the trade to avoid missing out, and they get ruined again.

That’s why it’s essential to monitor whale movements and have a solid risk management plan.

Whale market movement is a powerful force that can overshadow other market participants,

Resulting in substantial losses for those who trade against the whales.

How To Trade With The Crypto Whales

crypto whales tracker

Navigating the crypto markets requires an understanding of how crypto whales impact prices.

Traders must be vigilant and strategic to be able to trade in the direction of the whales.

You want to be on their side, not against them.

Here are some strategies to follow if you want to trade with the whales.

Monitor large transactions: Keeping an eye on blockchain explorers can reveal the actions of whales, allowing traders to anticipate market shifts.

You can also buy the crypto they’re buying because they have a reason for doing it.

Avoid panic selling: Whales can incite fear to manipulate the market. It’s crucial to stay calm and not react impulsively to large sell-offs.

If you are confident about your trading setup, stick to your trading position and not be swayed by whales who might be trying to manipulate the market in the short term.

By recognizing the signs of whale activity and employing a mix of long-term and short-term tactics,

Traders can aim to protect their investments and capitalize on the price fluctuations created by these market movers.

How To Track Crypto Whales

Tracking whales can be really difficult because they often hide under the radar to carry out their transactions.

But it’s not impossible because all transactions on the blockchain are public and available for everyone to see.

So if a whale moves crypto from wallet to exchange, it can be tracked, but finding whale wallets is like finding a needle in an ocean.

Here are some ways you can track whales:

Blockchain Explorers: Many cryptocurrencies have publicly accessible blockchain explorers that allow you to view transactions, wallet addresses, and holdings.

By analyzing these transactions, you can identify addresses with significant holdings.

Websites like for Ethereum or for Bitcoin are popular choices.

Whale Watching Websites: These are websites that track large transactions and whale activity in various cryptocurrencies.

Whale Alert is one of them. These platforms usually aggregate data from blockchain explorers and provide alerts for large transactions.

On-Chain Analysis Tools: Some analytics platforms offer on-chain analysis tools that can help identify whale activity. These tools often use advanced algorithms to track large movements and identify potential whales.

Best Crypto Whale Tracker

Arkham Intelligence

Arkham Intelligence is an on-chain analytics platform that provides comprehensive insights into blockchain transactions.

It offers advanced tools for tracking, monitoring, and analyzing cryptocurrency transactions across multiple blockchain.

The platform employs advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify patterns, anomalies, and whale movements within the blockchain network. is an on-chain analysis platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide insights into blockchain transactions and addresses.

It offers advanced tools for tracking, monitoring, and analyzing cryptocurrency transactions across various blockchain, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Crypto Makes You A Whale?

It depends on the cryptocurrency’s price, circulating supply, and other factors. For example, you need a minimum of 1000 BTC to be considered a Bitcoin whale.

How Do You Identify A Crypto Whale?

To identify a crypto whale, you need a whale tracking service or platform such as whale alert on Twitter or

How do you see what crypto whales are buying?

You can see what whales are buying by analyzing their wallets and checking the cryptocurrencies they newly acquired.

How Do You Find Whale Wallets?

You can check online forums such as or social media platforms such as Twitter. Often, people paste whale wallets they’ve been tracking online.

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