A Few Words

About Me

My Crypto Trading Journey

How It All Started (2017-2020)

In June 2017, I heard about crypto trading.
Honestly, I didn’t understand anything about it, and I had no prior experience in trading.
I was struggling financially and needed an extra income stream that would help me pay my bills.
When I found out about crypto trading, I became interested and decided to pursue it.
I watched over 200 videos on YouTube just to get started in the exciting world of crypto trading.

The Valley Of Despair

I thought I had gotten enough knowledge to succeed and become a crypto millionaire.
In December 2018, I withdrew all my savings and made a deposit in a crypto exchange called Bittrex; that was where reality started.
By February 2019, I had lost everything in my trading account; thank God I still had my day job.
In May 2019, I deposited another fund, and by August, everything was gone.
Honestly, I wanted to give up because I felt trading was not for me, and I was wasting time and money.
I kept going and made the third deposit in November 2019, but I was careful not to lose everything again.
In January 2020, everything about trading started to make sense.
I developed a unique strategy and decided to test it for a while, and despite the uncertainty of the crypto market, it returned profitable trades consistently.
That was after three years of failing.

Breakthrough (2020-present)

Since 2020, I have continued to work on my unique strategy, making changes to the rules, parameters, and triggers to maximize revenue while minimizing losses.
The goal is to make as much profit as possible from the crypto markets.